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wedding in mauritius

Mauritius Wedding

Mauritius is now one of the most popular wedding destination in the world. A dream destination for newly weds who want an unforgettable wedding memories.


wedding in mauritius




The beautiful post card sceneries, the natural attractions of a tropical island, offer an ideal setting of a dream destination for weddings and honeymooners. Mauritius island is already known as one of the best destination for Weddings and Honeymoons in the Indian Ocean and even in the world.
Mauritius island has long been established as one of the best destination for wedding abroad. But Mauritius island is still unknown for many people around the world. The island is so small on the world map we can't blame anyone.

Many travel agencies Hotels and even villas are specializing in the wedding organization on the island. You can get married on a Luxury hotel in Mauritius or an intimate classy villa and even underwater weddings that are getting really popular among the newly weds who want something different and unfrogettable, as you will understand everything is possible in Mauritius, For the wedding document and application all accomodation have their own wedding planner that will guide you throught the process so relax no hassle.
Once there, it is indeed necessary to go to different offices around the capital of Mauritius “Port Louis” to establish the necessary documents but someone will help you again you don't have to stress.
For the ceremony, the range of possibilities is wide a wedding on beach getting the gorgeous sunset as the background of your wedding pictures, the hotel garden with splendid exotic flower arrangement and fairy like decoration, A Catamaran on the sea with the sound of the waves and s small musical group for your unbelievable wedding ... Mauritius will amazed you with it's generous people, sceneries that come from another world and all sort of attractions like swim with dolphins in Mauritius or walk with lions in Mauritius.



wedding in mauritius


For the amateurs of unusual wedding celebration, Mauritius will answer your every desire an undersea wedding, a wedding in a natural park the "Casela nature and leisure Park" or a wedding on a luxury Catamaran in the middle of Mauritius sea.
Should a couple wishes to get married in Mauritius, some procedures to be followed prepared to handle the formalities.
The civil wedding in mauritius could either be celebrated at the Civil Status Office or at the where the couple is residing.
Before the wedding could happen, both concerned parties should produce original documents, at least two months before, to the Civil Status Office of the Registrar General - 5th Floor - Emmanuel Anquetil Building - Port Louis - Mauritius. Once approved by the authorities, the wedding can be organised and celebrated within 24 hours except on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Every Hotels in Mauritius has a representative that will assist you for the formalities.

The following steps should be respected:
To organise Wedding in Mauritius copies of the following documents should reach the wedding planner two or three months prior to the arrival of the couple.
1. Birth certificate of each person
2. The first three pages of their respective passport
3. If one or both persons is (are) divorced or widow/widower, a copy of a testimonial should be produced.
4. If there has been a change of name, a testified document should be produced.
5. Proof of occupation of each person
6. The actual full address of each person
7. If the future wife is divorced or is a widow, the name of her deceased husband as well as her name (before she got married) should be given.
1. A widow or a divorced woman is not authorised to remarry before 300 days after the death of her husband or after having obtained the divorce.
2. All documents should be in either English or French and compulsorily certified. Prior to the swearing the affidavit at the Supreme Court, all original documents should be produced to the Civil Status Office.
3. Weddings can’t be celebrated on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
4.Section 24A of the Act provides that the civil wedding of non-citizens and non-residents of Mauritius will be celebrated immediately a day after the date of publication of the proposed wedding.

Photocopy of the following certified documents, in either English or French, should reach us together with the requested documents for the civil marriage:
1. Certificate of confirmation (For the Anglicans)
2. The baptism certificate aging not less than six months
3. Letter from their priest or the mayor certifying that couple has never been married before.
4. Two witnesses must be present at the wedding (do not worry, most of the tour operator or wedding planner in Mauritius will find them for you ).
On arrival in Mauritius

1. You will be supported by a wedding planner who will accompany you in your efforts.

2. You will go to the office of vital statistics where the content of your affidavit will be verified by a notary.

3. A copy will be given to the Prime Minister's Office.

4. Once registered, you must go to the Supreme Court to swear the affidavit.

5. You will go to the office of Civil Status to meet the officer who will celebrate your wedding at your accommodation.

6. The celebration is therefore in the presence of the registrar of civil status, the place you have chosen in Mauritius.