Discover one of the most dangerous and beautiful beach in the South of Mauritius

gris gris mauritius

Mauritius beach Gris Gris

gris gris mauritius gris gris mauritius




Gris Gris is the beach which is located in the extreme south of the island. This little piece of beach does not have coral reef, the big waves come breaking on the shore offering an amazing views to the visitors. Gris Gris offers a contrast with the other beaches in theSouth popular for their calm sea.


Gris Gris is the only place in Mauritius where swimming is strongly discouraged for hobbyists and professionals, strong currents and huge waves breaking on this part of the island makes it totally impractical.

Do not be fooled by this beautiful golden beach and deep blue sea, Gris Gris is an extremely dangerous beach!


You will really enjoy this show by taking a trail located at the rear of the parking area which will lead you to the rock that cries. There you will have a perfect view of a large rock where the waves break with great violence, accompanied by a large thud.



gris gris mauritius gris gris mauritius