Discover a rustic and authentic beach in the northeast of Mauritius

grand gaube mauritius

Mauritius beach Grand Gaube


grand gaube mauritius grand gaube mauritius




The beach in Grand Gaube is the antithesis of her neighbors Pereybere, Trou aux Biches and Mont Choisy all located in the north of the island, not only because of the minimalist development operate in this corner of Mauritius but also because of its more rustic and rocky landscapes that are not adapted to swimming and water sports.


The seabed of Grand Gaube beach is full of corals and the sand strip are limited, you will quickly understand that Grand Gaube is a deserted beach apart from the Lux Grand Gaube a luxury hotel where you will find a small but beautiful cove maintained by the Lux group in Mauritius.

Despite the efforts of the Ministry of Tourism to clean the beach, install sanitary and implement a project to beautify the beach, Grand Gaube failed to be demarcated from the other beaches, unfortunately Grand Gaube beach has little to offer on a purely touristic point of view and is condemned to remain in the shadows of the other beaches that can be found in the north, famous for their beauty.


However, Grand Gaube remains an ideal beach for a breath of fresh air. Although this range has undeniable potential, infrastructure developments are still in infancy. You can still find public beaches around Grand Gaube, like Butte à l'herbe and Anse La Raie which remain excellent alternatives for a swim or kitesurfing


Activities for the resident of Lux Grand Gaube:


Scuba diving
Deep sea fishing
Speed boat trip


grand gaube mauritius grand gaube mauritius