Most beautiful beaches in Mauritius Island

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Discover Mauritius beaches


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Discover Mauritius beaches

Information about Mauritius island Beaches, a selection of the best beaches where you will be able to fully enjoy your holidays. Get a full description and some pictures of the best beaches in Mauritius.
Surrounded by beautiful turquoise sea and it's white sandy beaches, Mauritius island is already famous for its exotic beauty and it's post cards sceneries. Enjoy your holidays on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Grand Bay


The north of Mauritius Island is well known for its beautiful beaches, the district of grand bay offers a variety of tourist attractions, kite surfing school and diving centres. Grand Bay also offers a great shopping experience with the new shopping mall Grand Bay La Croisette where you will find a lot of prestigious brands and local handcraft products. For the night owls there are a lot of trending nightclubs like "les enfants terrible" that mean the terrible children, OMG and Insomnia all of them can be found in Grand Bay. The North of the Island offers a wide range of accommodations such as vacation rentals, luxury villas and 5 star hotels. Grand Bay is also home to numerous islets of rare beauty like the Coin de Mire, flat Island and Round Island that you can easily visit through catamaran which organizes a day trip on the different islands.


mauritius beach beaches in mauritius


The North Of Mauritius Island


Pereybere is a small beach located in the north of the island, popular among locals and travelers that come to visit this small cove often, a true haven for swimmers because of its ever-calm sea and beautiful setting. Pereybere is a little paradise of turquoise waters and white sand beaches that will seduce you, little advice before visiting the beach, get there early in the morning and during the week, during weekends and afternoons the beach is always well frequented.

Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux is an authentic spot in north of Mauritius which offer a perfect view on the small islands off the coast. The Flat Island, the Round Island and Coin de Mire all of a rare beauty. This beautiful village is still preserved and traditional you will see many fisherman and old colonial properties there.


La cuvette

La Cuvette is an amazing spot that is not very popular in Mauritius because few even between the locals are aware of this awesome spot found in Grand Bay. When you will get there you'll wonder, where the sea stop and where the sky start in the horizon. Just like our photos, the place must be experienced in real! Just a few mins drive from the centre of Grand Bay, close to luxurious hotels like the Royal Palm. La Cuvette is a cozy beach with a blue azure lagoon that you should experience if you visit Grand Bay. 

Pointe aux Canonniers

Beach in the north-west of Mauritius
The beach of Pointe aux Canonniers, which nestle into a peninsula nearly 6 km long, is characterised by a fine white sand, interrupted at various locations by ancient volcanic rock.The coast has only a few hotels like Le Canonnier, where the remains of an old fort were carefully integrated into the hotel, thereby reinforcing the colonial style of the hotel. The sea here is ideal for swimming and all sorts of water sports, and is also a fabulous starting point for scuba diving.


Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy is located on the north coast, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and undoubtedly the longest with more than 3 kilometers from Trou aux Biches to Pointe aux Cannoniers. The locals like to spend their weekends in the shade of casuarinas trees, relax in the sun and enjoy the sea around a picnic. You can take the opportunity to visit the mall of Mont Choisy Promenade or why not the Parc of Mont Choisy a real estate projects open to foreign investors.

Bain Boeuf  

In the distant past, according to some people, the neighbouring inhabitants brought their cows and oxen here to wash them.
Nowadays you won’t find any cattle on the beach and the remaining plots of grazing lands are being fast “eaten up” by luxury villas, bungalows and cozy colonial houses. The beach Bain Boeuf near Pereybere is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the sun, sand and sea in a laid back atmosphere.

Trou Aux Biches

Trou aux Biches is located in the north is one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches of Mauritius, a paradise with turquoise waters in the middle of an idyllic setting. If at first the beach will look unattractive because of a large restaurant which is under construction at the entrance and the hundreds of deckchairs, you will quickly be surprised after walking some meters away by the beauty of the place. You can access many attractions such as parasailing, jet skiing and Trou aux Biches offer a unique experience for lovers of diving.



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West of Mauritius Island


Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac is a beautiful beach in the west of Mauritius Island; surrounded by casuarinas trees this beach is popular in Mauritius, you will find many professional diving centers, beautiful islet off the west coast like ilot Gabriel many catamaran cruises are organized daily to visit the islets. There are a lot of attractions such as horseback riding on the beach, parasailing and undersea diving exploration. For the shopping experience in Flic en Flac the Cascavelle Shopping Mall is recommended if you need to buy some beachwear or foods after a long a day under the sun.

Tamarin Bay

Tamarin Bay is a small public beach with good views on the river estuary to Mountain du Rempart, a paradise for the surfers and body board’s lovers with many big waves breaking on the shore. You will find one of the most beautiful surf spot, be careful before going to surf on this spot because the locals don’t like to share their waves so avoid conflicts and try to be introduced by a locals before going to hunt the waves.


Le Morne

Nestled on the west coast of Mauritius, White sand and clear turquoise sea surrounded by a gorgeous coral reef and unforgettable view of Le Morne Brabant; sight of the World Heritage monument. Le Morne is the perfect place for kite surfing many international competitions are now held annually on the west coast like the kiteival and the kite jam you will also find a lot of kitesurfing school where you can rent your equipement or learn the kitesurfing.


The long sandy beach and calm Pomponnette. Not too touristy and a piece of paradise for nature lovers. The sea is calm but be careful when swimming there is no coral reefs.


le morne beach mauritius le morne beach mauritius


South of Mauritius Island


Blue Bay

Blue Bay located in the South East coast of Mauritius is well known for the Glass bottom boat trips .The marine park that shelter a very unique network of coral reefs rich in sea life protects this part of the island against the oceanic waves. The public beach offer a lot of attractions and is perfect for a peaceful day for tanning lovers.


La Cambuse

The white sandy beach of La Cambuse beach is beautiful with a turquoise sea surrounded by greenery, swimming is not recommended because the sea is generally rough with strong currents. This part of the south can be windy, however if you want to swim you find the right end of the beach a water area surrounded by rocks that seems fit for a swim.


Bel Ombre

At the foot of a turquoise lagoon at infinity, the beach in Bel Ombre in Mauritius reveals her beauty, sweet intoxicating scent of paradise surrounded by casuarinas. A gentle wind from the south sends a delicious smell of the open sea, a pleasure for the senses as to remember to live intensely .




blue bay beach mauritius blue bay beach mauritius


East of Mauritius

Belle Mare

Belle Mare is one of the best beaches on the east coast of Mauritius. The beach is set in a picturesque environment surrounded by greenery. The white sandy beaches and the pure blue sea will left your speechless, many consider belle Mare as the most beautiful beach in Mauritius.


Poste Lafayette

The beach of Poste Lafayette is located a few kilometers from Black Rocks on the southeast coast. A beautiful beach surrounded by volcanic rocks, a corner of Mauritius that can be very windy, perfect for kite surfing, wild beauty and big waves make Poste Lafayette beach a place not suitable for children and inexperienced swimmers.


 Ile Aux Cerfs (deer island)

The island will charm you for sure, the fans of beaches and filaos will be in heaven on this Island. There you will find a wide range of activities such as catamaran cruises and water sports. To access the island you have to pay a sum of money to be transported by boats that are available at the bay of Trou d'eau Douce same for the return.



The nudist is prohibited, but topless sunbathing is accepted..


mauritius beach beaches in mauritius