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5 Star hotels in Mauritius Island

We are pleased to present a wide selection of the best 5 star hotels in Mauritius each more beautiful than the others, every 5 star hotel in Mauritius has a unique personality and characteristics that are enhanced by a refined and contemporary architecture. We have hotels of international standards which have been repeatedly rewarded for their impeccable services and expertise. Discover the best 5 star hotels in Mauritius compare among the different hotels. Access to a detailed description of the activities offered by your accommodation in Mauritius. You'll have a wide range of accommodation for golf enthusiasts, boutique hotels and hotels dedicated to relaxation and wellness. Mauritius has many hotels that offer tailored services to their customers, in order to have more information on the 5-star hotels in Mauritius and an overview on the benefits in terms of comfort, service and the activities browse through the wide selection of 5 star hotels.