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chamarel mauritius

Chamarel Mauritius


chamarel mauritius chamarel mauritius




Chamarel is located south-west of Mauritius, between Black River and the point of Morne. Chamarel is primarily a small village of about seven hundred inhabitants renowned for its seven-colored earth, its waterfall, the adventure park Chamarel, its rum distillery and the horseback riding.


This is a very rare geological curiosity; dune land, offering different colors (brown, beige, pink, orange, purple ...). This phenomenon has emerged due to the volcanic ash exposed by erosion. If we try to blend the colors of this land, it separates again a few hours later to resume their original tints.


You can also find a leisure park at Chamarel and discover 12 hectares of rainforest nestled in the heart of a preserved nature. It is home to endemic plants. A forest adventure course that offered three routes. One of them is a free hike of about 1.7 km on the flanks of Piton-raft, that reveals some 60 endemic species of native plants and trees


chamarel mauritius chamarel mauritius